Photography and Prints

What makes a good print?
Something memorable, sentimental, evocative, eye-catching!

What makes a print worth framing?
If you have it and love it, it is worth framing.

How do you buy ‘good prints’?
You buy it because you love it.
You buy it because of the quality.

If you are buying for quality or not, here are some tips:
Archival paper, Giclee and rag mat are terms used to describe ‘quality of print material’. If you love and want it and want to frame it, we will respect your print as though it is of the finest quality and treat it as such, because it is important to you. Whether you paid $5 at a market stall or whether it is a family heirloom, we will give you professional advice so that you can make an informed choice.

And if you have bought a bargain make it look like a quality piece.

‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’.

If you are looking for interesting prints
Here are some sites you may like to try, for something special.

Art and Photo Restoration

If you are looking for digital restoration specialists we recommend.
STOREY DIGITAL ART - based on the Gold Coast

PHOTO RESTORATION involves creating DIGITAL COPIES of the ORIGINAL photos and removing visible damage, torn edges, dirt, scratches, colour casts, aging effects and general detoration using a software programe called Photoshop. You can also ENHANCE a photo with PHOTO RETOUCHING, such as whitening teeth, adding makeup, trimming down a waistline, removing blemishes and wrinkles, adding or removing a person, removing an object from the background, or adding colour to a black and white images.

Unlike PHOTO RESTORATION which is a digital reproduction of your photo using Photoshop, ART RESTORATION can be an expensive and time consuming process. It involves repairing and restoring ORIGINAL oil paintings, acrylic paintings, water color paintings, prints, family photographs, sculpture and even frames. The process includes re-lining paintings, cleaning of paintings, filling in-painting holes and tears, varnishing, stain removal, brightening and linen backing.